How to create an Augmented Reality App The Right Way

AR is a technology, not a feature Many customers come to us and ask about how they can integrate AR in their application. Sometimes they basically just want to put another button in their app that starts some sort of AR experience. But you have probably heard about the saying “Don’t put the cart before the horse”, which means don’t use Augmented Reality for the sake of using Augmented Reality. That approach was possible a few years ago when the technology was something new, something no one knew about and you could wow people by just showing them a floating 3d model in a room. Don't just complicate your app, offer your users special suggestions. Use Augmented Reality to extend your applications to offer users possibilities they would not have otherwise. Before you start developing read about the AR basics Using Augmented Reality sensibly To successfully leverage the full potential of AR in your app, it has to accomplish a major problem of your target audience. Ask yourself the following questions: What is the best possible way to [...]

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Augmented Reality: Everything you need to know

What is Augmented Reality? Augmented Reality (AR)is a technology for intelligent expansion of human perception of reality by overlaying the field of view with information.The field of view is overlapped with digital information. This computer generated additional information can act as visual representations such as text, images or sounds. Even perspective of embedding animated 3D models or haptic interactions are possible. The special part of AR is that the additional information always is presented in the appropriate context. The user only can see the data which is needed. So a storage location can be highlighted while a special product is sought like shown in the accompanying example. Context sensitive information Here is an example of a warehouse management system in which a storage bin is visually highlighted. This saves time for finding a product. In addition, errors such as incorrect pick-up or take-off are prevented. Why Augmented Reality? The Internet of Things (IoT) creates enormous amounts of data. But most conventional applications are not able to present them clear enough when needed in mobile use. With AR is becomes possible to present digital data fitting to [...]

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