Viessmann to build enterprise applications with low-code technology by Simplifier

Digitalization is a very important topic for the german climate solution expert Viessmann. This includes the creation of enterprise-internal applications. From now on, Viessmann will use technology by Simplifier to build those

Pro coder, low-code fan

A developer, who is dealing exclusively with coding in order to implement apps, can be supported by low-code platforms as well. Alexander R. is one of them. Although he is a passionate coder, he appreciates the advantages of low-code technology. He tells us how this technology and its approach helps him with his daily doings.

10 challenges of digital transformation

Digitization and process optimization is everywhere these days. Hardly one day passes without news about the IIoT and digital transformation. In this blogpost we present the 10 most challenging topics of digital transformation. 1. The definition Tip: Finding one universal definition is hard. Define digital transformation for your business and act according to your interpretation. A lot of people, even those in important positions, do not really have clear ideas about what digital transformation is and how it can be managed. Widespread misconception: companies do have to digitally transform quickly and completely at one go. OK, the process of transforming should lead to completely digitized processes, the integration of partners/customers/suppliers into these processes and, depending on the company, even to digital products. But before comprehensive digital transformation the most companies need to optimize and digitize their processes. Even by digitally transforming single processes you can benefit from great increase of efficiency and furthermore get interesting insights that are helpful for follow-up projects. 2. The start/the strategy Tip: Test your goals according to future security. Every beginning is hard. So it is when [...]

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