Pro coder, low-code fan

A developer, who is dealing exclusively with coding in order to implement apps, can be supported by low-code platforms as well. Alexander R. is one of them. Although he is a passionate coder, he appreciates the advantages of low-code technology. He tells us how this technology and its approach helps him with his daily doings.


10 challenges of digital transformation

Digitization and process optimization is everywhere these days. Hardly one day passes without news about the IIoT and digital transformation. In this blogpost we present the 10 most chal [...]


8 tips for a really successful digital strategy

Learn the versatile definitions of what constitutes a digital strategy, how detailed it should be and which questions it has to answer and how Low-Code can also help to successfully implement the digital strategy.


Why the Internet of things is getting really big right now

Connectivity, digitalization and the Internet of Things - these ideas and concepts have been haunting the media and the economy for years. Sometimes with more, sometimes with less attention. But in recent times something has changed and networking and the Internet of Things have slowly but surely become real.

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