# 3 App Implementation – Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard

We already talked about the two stages to begin with software development (have a look at “The 6 Stages of Software Development” and “#2 App Design planning – Make it simple, but significant”).

In the third phase of software development, the implementation takes place. Because the prototypes have already been constructed, a large part of the work has already been done in the design phase. By now S.I. Logistics has  recognized the added value working with the Simplifier. The use of a low-code platform, where apps are primarily build by preconfigured blocks and less by hand, accelerates the development multiple times. The developers are supported by the following aspects:


  • A visual editor
    …ensures a simple and intuitive handling of the platform and accelerates the creation of a user interface and app logics.
  • Pre-configured connectors
    …are delivered with the platform to connect different systems like SAP or Oracle. They can be adjust and integrated in the app at all times.
  • Reusability
    … of all connectors, widgets, etc. for different applications.
  • Individual programming
    … or using extensions like plugins are possible without difficulty. The Simplifier doesn’t restrict your own development urge.
  • Operating systems
    … do not need to cause headache. Developers do not have to worry about whether to build the application for IOS, Android or Windows. The Simplifier Universal Client app runs on every operating system.

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#2 App Design planning

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#4 App Testing