# 6 App Maintenance – The only thing constant in life is change

We are now starting in the last article of the blog series “The 6 Stages of Software Development”. So far, we have looked at the requirements analysis, the design planning, the implementation, the testing and the release of an app.

Now meanwhile, after the release of their app, the company can take a breather, but the whole work is not done yet. In the sixth phase of software development, they need to maintain the app. Usually a company may have some changes that they want to incorporate into their application after one year. Through use of standardized programming with the Simplifier, this is not a problem. Even if there is a different colleague responsible for the project in the meantime, the subdivision of the app in user stories makes it easy for him to get along in the workflow logic. The company can insert their changes at any time and, thanks to the rapid deployment, immediately make them available to the users as well.

In the end, we have a happy company who successfully mastered their software development project.

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