Simplifier AG presents a hotfix that makes application creation with our low-code platform even more convenient – the Dark Mode! The benefits: You save on electricity costs and you protect your eyes.

Usually, we at Simplifier AG see everything in a bright light.

However, in one special case this is different: We proudly present the Dark Mode, which we have now released as a hotfix for our Release 4.5.

In Dark mode, the background of screens is mostly black. The foreground colors remain clearly visible due to inversion.

Low-code with Dark Mode

Dark Mode itself has been a widely spread approach with developers (german) for quite some time now.

In the field of low-code development, though, this is a first!

Protect your bank account, the environment and your eyes

The Dark Mode entails two major advantages for you as a user:

1.) Electricity savings

Nowadays, OLED displays are used in most cases. The Dark Mode ensures a significantly longer battery life, as way fewer pixels need to be illuminated. This leads to massive savings in electricity costs – and protects the environment! (Read here how you can save money in general by using the low-code platform Simplifier!)

2.) Relief for the eyes

Many users use their low-code platform to work on their applications late in the evening or at night – or early in the morning in winter.

Dark Mode allows them to concentrate even more on their work, as a dark background is much less likely to cause eye pains or distractions than a white background.

(You can find more information about the topic in the Observer article “The Dark Side of Dark Mode: Is the Latest App Trend Sucking the Life Out of Our Screens?” by Daniel Bean, which is well worth reading)

Easy switchin´

The Dark Mode can be easily activated via the user settings in the upper right corner.

Another benefit: it remains in the browser´s local memory.

Summary: Dark Mode will take you to a bright future!

The hotfix will make you work even more relaxed on the urgently needed applications for your company.

You will be ahead of the competition because you will save energy (costs)! At the same time, you will be able to invest more energy in your application development work – without having to fear eye problems!

NOTE: In order to work with the Dark Mode, you need to make sure your Simplifer instance is updated to Release 4.5!

If you haven’t worked with Simplifier before, get your Freemium instance here!

We are looking forward to your feedback at any time!