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This results with low-code in concrete use

As you are well aware – there will be no way to avoid low-code in the future with regard to application development – you have to face it. The fact is, it’s not just individuals who benefit from low-code, but whole departments and, in the long term, the entire company. However, important steps are necessary to successfully establish Low-Code in your company.

In addition to implementing this technology, the approaches for process optimization must be considered and, if necessary, revised. Above all, a change of people’ mindsets is necessary to benefit from the many advantages of low-code. Low-code brings change to the enterprise – to your IT and your business departments. Accept the challenge.

Impacts for your company

Digitize your entire business sustainably – Bring IT and business closer together and easily establish your Citizen Development strategy – it can’t be easier than with low-code.

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Impacts for your IT

Complete sovereignty across all applications that are created in the future is ensured with a low-code platform. Keep control over the entire application lifecycle with your IT and benefit from its use in the long term.

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Impacts for your departments

Most changes and opportunities occur with low-code for the business departments. Enable your employees to actively contribute their process know-how to the app creation process and drive innovation.

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Interview: How digital transformation succeeds with low code

Impacts for your company

The use of a low-code platform should not be limited to individual parts of a company. The intention of a low-code platform is to act across the entire company and to drive the complete digitization process ahead.

Usually, a low-code platform is established in only a few departments besides IT at the beginning. However, for both economic and strategic reasons, it makes sense to do this across all divisions company-wide for the long-term.

Enterprise Managers about Simplifier:

„With Simplifier, we have chosen a low-code platform that fits perfectly to our needs and supports us sustainably in the implementation of our digitization strategy.“

Dr. Tobias Lührig | CEO, Bischof + Klein SE & Co. KG

„We have chosen Simplifier, which gives us completely different and new ways to efficiently implement integrated applications necessary for our customers.“

Thomas Weimar | Senior Manager Asset Management, BTC AG

„This application built on the low-code platform Simplifier is just one brick in a holistic digitization strategy centered around the data of our machines.“

Tobias Reissmann | CEO, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

What you need to do

  • Talk to all key stakeholders and inquire about interests early on, clarify responsibilities, and establish guidelines for usage

  • Create baselines for a successful establishment of a Citizen Development strategy

  • Give your employees room to maneuver and the time they need to work with the low-code platform – time for enabling in the form of onboarding sessions, workshops, trainings

  • Motivate your employees to explore new ways of doing things and raise their curiosity about the advanced possibilities they will have with a low-code platform (change their digital mindset)

This is what you get

  • You ensure a standardized approach to the digitization process that is based on a single platform

  • You achieve higher satisfaction with your customers and employees and motivate them at the same time

  • You create significantly improved, cross-departmental communication and teamwork

  • Your digitization is sustainably driven which helps to increase the efficiency of your company and to ensure its long-term success

  • By becoming more agile and flexible with a low-code platform, your business will be resilient against external influences and market changes that require rapid response in digitizing the enterprise.

Additional information for your company

Quality improvement
thanks to tested modularization
Scepticism eliminated
according to first experiences with the platform
Fast Deployment
Release new versions within minutes

These companies are already benefiting from the use of the Simplifier low-code platform

Bischof + Klein
Kasseler Verkehrs- und Versorgungs-GmbH
Weinig Group
Preh Group
Felix Schöller Group
KHS Group
Brückner Maschinenbau
JAB Anstoetz
DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH
Siemens Energy
Getriebenau Nord
HSB Elektro
Siemens Healthineers
Paul Scherer Institut
SWO Netz GmbH
energienetze mittelrhein
Bielefelder Netze
Stadtwerke Achim

Impacts for your IT

The IT department is often considered the bottleneck of digitization. The reason for this is not a lack of motivation or the ability of the employees, but rather the limited resources in combination with the constantly changing requirements. Every company knows this problem. Low-code platforms are so successful and future-proof because they make it possible to counteract precisely these challenges and create new opportunities from which the IT department also benefits enormously.

Nevertheless, it is precisely in IT that the greatest skepticism towards low-code prevails. This results from the historically conditioned loss of control due to so-called shadow IT, which arises primarily in the business departments. But there is no reason for skepticism, because low-code platforms offer the best conditions for compliance with IT governance and thus 100 percent control over all applications that are created with these platforms.

IT leaders and professionals about Simplifier:

„We compared several low-code platforms. Integration into the existing SAP ecosystem was easier with Simplifier than with other solutions.“

Birgit Wellenreuther | Head of Business Application, Südzucker AG

„Simplifier fits very well into Viessmann’s IT strategy, as we would also like to implement as many internal applications as possible using the UI5 framework of this low-code platform.“

Andreas Schreiber | Head of GCP and Development, Viessmann IT Service

“With Simplifier, it was possible to implement an app with full integration of the existing SAP module in less than one day and launch it live immediately.”

Heinz Plank | IT-Manager SAP-PLM, Brückner Maschinenbau

What you need to do

  • Identify in advance possible restrictions that would make the implementation of a low-code platform more difficult or even impossible.

  • Revise IT governance with regard to the consideration of relevant steps and restrictions for the establishment and deployment of a low-code platform

  • Align with your system architects to define a process model for a seamless and flawless integration

  • Define necessary roles and rights for all relevant stakeholders that are involved in the deployment of a low-code platform to minimize risks caused by incorrect handling

  • Think about infrastructural issues such as hosting, deployment, update and maintenance processes and clarify responsibilities

This is what you get

  • You gain full control with maximum implementation speed

  • You develop faster with less conflicts at the same time

  • You obtain significantly improved cooperation with other departments and use the process knowledge of the department employees to implement required applications together and in accordance with the requirements

  • You increase the satisfaction of the employees from your business departments as well as that of the customers

  • You facilitate the daily work in IT and create new degrees of flexibility

All advantages with Simplifier for:

IT LeaderPro Developers

Additional informationen for your IT

Impacts for your departments

The business departments of a company benefit to a large extent from the use of a low-code platform. Thus, it is the employees of the business department who will drive their digitization in the future with the help of the new technology by independently creating the applications that they really need.

Moreover, the departmental employees get the chance to drive innovations on their own. In a long term, this helps companies to implement their digitization strategy more quickly, to establish new business models in a timely manner and to meet their goals even sooner.

Business leaders and professionals about Simplifier:

„Simplifier empowers us as a department to deploy UI5 apps for our production line with Shopfloor and SAP integration in a very short time. My team was able to create integrated apps in a few days even without programming skills.“

Sebastian Grimm | Head of Operational Excellence

„Thanks to the integrated grid portal solution, which was implemented based on the Simplifier low-code technology, we are able to manage the grid access process completely digitally in terms of planning and accounting.“

Karl-Heinz Kasel | Head of customer access services, SWO Netz GmbH

„We were looking for a technology that would allow us to completely digitize internal as well as external processes while following a clear software architecture, that we found with Simplifier.“

Jochen Ganz | Manager New Business & Innovation, WEINIG Group

„The key criterion in the choice of a platform was Simplifier’s strong SAP expertise, as KHS is very SAP-centric. We urgently needed a platform vendor who could operate natively in the SAP world.“

Torben Brill | Project Manager, KHS Group

With Simplifier as a basis, it’s easy for us to iteratively develop new app features and implement customizations based on customer feedback in a timely manner and without much effort.

Elisa Oberdorf | Portfoliomanagement Digital Business, WEINIG AG

What you need to do

  • Identify the need within each department and specify the requirements for the deployment of a low-code platform

  • Gather ideas for potential use cases you need within the next 12 months that should be implemented with low-code

  • Acquire eligible candidates across the business departments who can be appropriate app builders and who can be engaged within the Citizen Development team to drive application development consistently across the business departments

  • Encourage employees to be motivated and change their digital mindset so that they will be able to implement the relevant requirements on their own in the future

This is what you get

  • You accomplish the goals of your department even faster

  • You implement the existing process know-how directly in applications

  • You increase the satisfaction of your employees

  • You break free from paralyzing dependencies

  • You simplify the daily work in your department

  • You increase the chances of becoming a driver of digitization with newly created innovations

All advantages with Simplifier for:

Business LeaderDepartment Specialists

Additional information for your departments

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