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Low-code webinars, whitepapers, studies and videos

Webinars on the topic of low-code and digitalisation

Why low-code? Where do you start and what do you need to pay attention to if you want to use low-code platforms? Our webinars shed light on topics such as the right choice, how to identify use cases and what low-code is best suited for – to achieve success faster. Let our webinars inspire you on different aspects of the use of low-code technology and make your digitalisation projects even more sustainable in the future.

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Low-Code and Digitalisation White Papers

Low-code is versatile and offers an enormous potential. Learn in our whitepapers about the importance of low-code for your digitisation projects, the decisive role that the specialist department will play in the future and how you can use this technology profitably. In this way, you can work even more agilely in the app creation process and increase your flexibility, stability, speed and quality.

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Simplifier Best-Practice Videos

The best way to learn how low-code works is practical experience. Become more familiar with the Simplifier low-code platform and the solutions created with it in our best-practice videos and webinars. Learn how quickly the first applications can be created “from scratch” or how existing systems can be integrated via standardised connectors within a very short time. See first-hand what is possible with low-code.

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Establishing Citizen Development in the SAP Ecosystem with Low-Code


Why you need to decide for Low-Code right now.


We are constantly working on content sets to give you insights into relevant information about low-code. Here you will soon find the latest whitepapers in English. Please contact us for more information.