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Since our foundation in 2012, we are dealing with SAP and integrated business apps. As OpenUI5 was released we were perfectly happy to have found a library to fulfill our requirements in terms of optics, performance and robustness. Since the first release of OpenUI5 we use the technology for the frontend design of our platform Simplifier that in turn allows the creation of further UI5 apps.

In order to be always up-to-date and close to the community, we took part in the UI5Con in St.Leon-Rot on June 30, 2017. Together with approximately 400 UI5 enthusiastic participants, we listened to exciting lectures and gained interesting input for our platform.

In addition to the numerous developers who presented their individual features and solutions, our CIO Christopher Bouveret also attended the event as an expert on the topic “The UI5 ​​App for UI5 Apps”. In his 20 minute lecture, he talked about the creation of UI5 ​​applications with Simplifier, our low code platform based on UI5 technology.

Simplifier itself consists of three parts, the UI designer, the process designer and the code designer. We use several established elements of UI5 library but also developed own UI5 controls, mainly presented within the process designer. Here, the business logic of the application is created via Visual Scripting.

Did you miss the lecture? Here you can see the whole presentation.

We also liked the lecture by Meredith Hassett, Developer Evangelist at SAP about “Easy integrations with UI5”. The audience saw how easy it is to built an integrated application. With her charming nature, she gave us an understanding of Destinations, OData, AJAX and REST APIs.

“ 20 minutes is all you need to get started integrating with SAPUI5!”
Meredith Hassett, Developer Evangelist at SAP

Volker Buzek, SAP Development Architect Mobility at j&s-soft GmbH presented on a humorous way his lecture “Real-time image processing & augmented reality”. It all started with a Proof-of-Concept of a UI5 hybrid application for discrete object recognition on mobile devices. Buzek presented the results of the experiments and evaluate their sustainability and production readiness.

Christopher Bouveret summarized the participation at the UI5Con in St.Leon-Rot as very positive:

“The further development of UI5 is not only based on a purely technical level, but also the design received a new and more modern look. In addition to the presentation of the new UI5 logo, I particularly liked the improved performance of SAP UI5 on Android devices.

My overall impression is that the UI5 ​​community is growing very strong. It is nice to see that a framework, based on enterprise software, becoming more and more awareness. This leads to the fact that companies rely on modern web technologies.

I would like to say thank you for the many interesting lectures and look forward to the new features and functions of SAP UI5!”

Review of UI5Con in St. Leon-Rot

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