The added value for your company

Your advantages when using Simplifier Low-Code

How low-code works in practice

The Simplifier low-code platform gives your business a faster and easier way to build applications by reducing development time and costs. This allows you to respond quickly to changes in the market and increase productivity at the same time. In addition, using a low-code platform reduces the risk of application development errors and improves the quality of results. By deploying applications quickly, you save time and can respond faster to your customers’ needs.

You can also leverage the expertise of your employees in the business departments by giving them the opportunity to actively participate in application creation and work with your IT to promote the digitization of processes. There’s also an opportunity for those to expand their skills by additionally engaging in low-code development without the need for extensive training or qualifications.

A low-code platform is a valuable tool for any company that wants to be agile and respond quickly to change without incurring high costs.

Benefits for your company

Low-Code makes it easy to digitize your company flexibly and sustainably, to bring your IT and the business departments closer together and to make your company fit for the future.

Benefits for your IT

With integration into your IT strategy, you benefit from low-code in the long term. Complete control over the application lifecycle and sovereignty over all applications created in the future are guaranteed.

Benefits for your departments

Low-Code offers departments the chance to take the initiative and innovate. Your employees can actively contribute their knowledge of processes to the creation of the app and thus drive change.


Simply achieve more 

Our platform helps you achieve your goals faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. By choosing Simplifier, you create the best conditions to enormously shorten the implementation time of your digitization strategy and thereby implement your mission critical apps in just a few months.

More savings
in the company

Added value


120T€ less

Reduction of service costs with the help of the customer service app

50T€ less

Annual savings due to effort reduction in recording all test results

27 days saved

Annual effort reduction by generating autom. orders in the ERP system

More speed
in the IT

Added value


9x faster

1 instead of 9 months to implement an app for customs documentation

Only 6 months

Shortened time-to-market for replacement of 12 mission-critical apps

50% less

Reduce development time through collaborative app creation

More efficiency
in the department

Added value


100% achieved

Full transparency in the verification of delivery documents

55% less

Reduction of the error rate in data entry in the maintenance process

30% more

Increased productivity through digitized processes

Simply unique

We are not one of many and our platform is unique. It combines easy integration, effortless mobility, unlimited reusability and an efficient operational concept – to make your digitization projects simple.


Simple and complete integration into all systems

Shopfloor connectivity available

Benefit from existing SAP namespace & SAP SSO


Easy deployment via mobile client and app-in-app concept

Instant available, no release, support of all native mobile functions

Deployment without compilation, immediate availability of apps


Use of many ready2use contents (apps, connectors etc.)

Simplifier Marketplace with ready-to-use content

Reuse all pre-built content without limits


Only one server needed to use all available apps

Central log and monitoring

Rights/roles concept enables user-based rollout

Easy to implement and move everywhere 

Our platform offers you every freedom. Whether you have applications implemented by your IT department, in collaboration with the business departments or by a service provider – the choice is yours and you don’t have to compromise on control, overview and security.

Simply achieve the return on investment

The use of our low-code platform pays off – even very quickly. On average, our customers achieve ROI after less than 186 days and thus benefit directly from the deployed solution.

Learn how our customers have achieved this:

Added value for your company

The use of a low-code platform should not be limited to individual areas of a company. The purpose of such a platform is to use it across departments and thus drive the entire digitization process in the company.

Typically, low-code platforms are established in a small number of departments in addition to IT at the outset. However, for both economic and strategic reasons, it makes sense to roll out the technology across all areas of the company in the long term.

Corporate decision-makers say this about Simplifier:

“By choosing Simplifier, we have picked a low-code platform that fits our needs perfectly and supports us sustainably in the implementation of our digitization strategy.”

Dr. Tobias Lührig | CEO, Bischof + Klein SE & Co. KG

“We selected Simplifier, which gives us completely different and new ways to efficiently implement integrated applications necessary for our customers.”

Thomas Weimar | Senior Manager Asset Management, BTC AG

“The application based on the Simplifier low-code platform is a building block in a holistic digitization strategy around the data of our machines.”

Tobias Reissmann | CEO, XENON Automatisierungstechnik GmbH

Your tasks

  • Talk to all key stakeholders and solicit interests early, clarify responsibilities, and establish guidelines for use

  • Create foundations for a successful establishment of a citizen development strategy

  • Give your employees freedom and provide them with the time they need to familiarize themselves with the low-code platform – time for enabling in the form of onboarding sessions, workshops and training.

  • Motivate your employees to break new ground and make them curious about the expanded possibilities offered by the low-code platform (digital mindset change)

Your benefits with Simplifier

  • You ensure a uniform approach to the digitization process based on a single platform

  • You achieve higher customer and employee satisfaction and increase motivation within the teams

  • They create significantly improved, cross-departmental communication and collaboration

  • You drive digitization sustainably, thereby increasing the efficiency of your company and securing its success in the long term

  • With a more agile way of working and more flexible capabilities that a low-code platform gives your business, it becomes resilient to external impacts and market changes that require rapid action.

Additional information for your company

Added value for your IT

The IT department is often described as the bottleneck of digitization. The reason for this is not a lack of motivation or the ability of the employees, but rather the limited resources in combination with the constantly increasing requirements. Every company knows this problem. Low-code platforms are so successful and future-proof because they make it possible to counteract precisely these challenges and create new opportunities from which the IT department also benefits enormously.

However, especially in IT, there is also the greatest skepticism about low-code. This stems from the historically conditioned loss of control due to so-called shadow IT, which arises primarily in the specialist departments. But there is no reason for this concern, because low-code platforms offer the best conditions for compliance with IT governance and thus 100 percent control over all applications created with them.

IT managers and professionals say this about Simplifier:

“We compared several low-code platforms. Integration into the existing SAP ecosystem has been easier with Simplifier than with other solutions.”

Birgit Wellenreuther | Head of Business Application, Südzucker AG

“Simplifier fits very well into Viessmann’s IT strategy, as we want to continue implementing as many internal applications as possible with the UI5 framework we use.”

Andreas Schreiber | Head of GCP and Development, Viessmann IT Service

“It was possible with Simplifier to implement an app with full integration of the existing SAP module in less than a day and go live in a timely manner.”

Heinz Plank | IT Specialist SAP-PLM, Brückner Maschinenbau

Your tasks

  • Clarify in advance any restrictions that make the introduction of a low-code platform more difficult or even impossible.

  • Revise IT governance to take into account relevant steps and restrictions for establishing and deploying a low-code platform.

  • Coordinate with your system architects to define a process model for seamless and smooth integration

  • Define necessary roles and rights for all relevant stakeholders involved in the deployment of a low-code platform to minimize risks from mishandling.

  • Think about infrastructural issues such as hosting, deployment, update and maintenance processes and clarify responsibilities

Your benefits with Simplifier

  • You get full control with maximum implementation speed

  • You develop faster with more freedom from conflict at the same time

  • You significantly improve cross-departmental cooperation and use the process knowledge of the department employees to implement desired applications together and in accordance with the requirements.

  • You increase the satisfaction of the employees from the specialist departments and your customers

  • You simplify the daily work in IT and create new degrees of freedom

All advantages with Simplifier for:

IT LeadersPro Developer

Additional information for your IT

Added value for your business units

The business units of a company benefit to a large extent from the use of a low-code platform. Thus, it is the employees of the specialist department who will drive digitization in the future with the help of the new technology by independently creating the applications that are actually needed.

In addition, the department employees are given the opportunity to drive innovations themselves. In the long term, this helps companies to implement their digitization strategy more quickly, to establish new business models in a timely manner, and to achieve set goals sooner.

Department managers and employees have this to say about Simplifier:

“Simplifier empowers us as a department to deploy UI5 apps for our plant with store floor and SAP integration in a very short time. My team was able to create integrated apps in a few days even without programming skills.”

Sebastian Grimm | Head of Operational Excellence

“We were looking for a technology that would allow us to map internal as well as external processes in a fully digitized way, following a clear software architecture, which we found with Simplifier.”

Jochen Ganz | Head of New Business & Innovation, WEINIG Gruppe

“Through the holistic network portal solution, which was implemented on the basis of the low-code technology Simplifier, we are able to process the network connection process completely digitally from a planning and commercial point of view.”

Karl-Heinz Kasel | Customer Connection Manager, SWO Netz GmbH

“The decisive criterion in choosing a platform was Simplifier’s strong SAP expertise, as KHS is very SAP-centric. We urgently needed a platform provider that would allow us to move natively in the SAP world.”

Torben Brill | Project Manager, KHS Gruppe

“Using Simplifier as a foundation, it’s easy for us to iteratively develop new app features and implement customizations based on customer feedback in a timely manner and without a lot of effort.”

Elisa Oberdorf | Portfolio Management Digital Business, WEINIG AG

Your tasks

  • Identify the needs within each department and define the requirements for using a low-code platform

  • Collect ideas for possible use cases that you will need within the next 12 months and that should be implemented with low-code

  • Identify suitable candidates within the departments who are suitable app builders and can be deployed to the Citizen Development Team in a timely manner to consistently drive application creation in the departments

  • Promote motivation and change the digital mindset of employees in the departments so that they can implement the relevant requirements themselves in the future.

Your benefits with Simplifier

  • You achieve your department’s goals even faster

  • You implement the existing process know-how directly in applications

  • You increase the satisfaction of your employees

  • You free yourself from paralyzing dependencies

  • You simplify the daily work in your department

  • You increase the chances of becoming a driver of digitization with newly created innovations.

All advantages with Simplifier for:

Business Leaders Citizen Developers

Additional information for your business unit

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Why Simplifier?


The entire team, from the Backend Developer to the Customer Success Team and the Management Board, is there for you. Regular exchange is particularly important to us: digitally, by phone, and also directly on site with you. At every joint step, you always have a personal contact person.


Based on our 11 years of experience, we know when to successfully apply which approach. Whether you want to introduce Citizen Development, or need applications beyond the resources of your IT department, we have the right best-practice concept for you.


We work with you hand in hand and build on long-term partnerships. We understand your individual needs and challenges. We incorporate our customers‘ feedback strongly into our product roadmap. Our customers‘ success is our success.


Our future-proof low-code platform is the ideal choice for easy and affordable implementation of digital solutions. With Simplifier, you get the lowest TCO through the most reliable UI across all devices, the best integration, the highest reusability, and the lowest operational costs.