Highest reusability

The Simplifier Re-Use concept allows existing elements such as connectors, apps, widgets, etc. to be reused in existing and new content anytime.

Simplifier Marketplace with out-of-the-box usable content

Usage of many ready2use contents (apps, connectors, etc.)

All prebuilt content can be reused indefinitely


Efficient application development through reusable content

  • Unlimited repurposing of elements such as connectors, apps, and widgets.

  • Ready and tested content (e.g. app templates) from the Simplifier Marketplace can be used over and over again when creating new apps.

  • Development of software solutions thus becomes more efficient and faster. Which saves time and costs.

Efficient application development through reusable content

The Simplifier Re-Use approach enables unlimited reuse of elements such as connectors, apps and widgets. The Simplifier Marketplace provides out-of-the-box usable content, such as apps and connectors, that have unlimited reuse capabilities. The pre-built content available in the Marketplace can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. This makes the development of software solutions more efficient and faster, as proven elements can be used. The focus is on developing new functionalities and applications, while at the same time ensuring the reusability of existing elements. Thus, the Simplifier Marketplace enables seamless and easy development of software solutions, saving time and costs.

Highest reusability:


Other providers

Only UI elements provided by the Provider can be reused.

The issues therein:

  • Less flexibility for individual UI requirements

  • Limited extensibility of UI elements

  • Small number of existing UI elements

Individual UI elements can be created, centrally managed and reused as desired.

Your advantages thereby:

  • More than 500 field-proven UI elements

  • Lower maintenance costs for modifications

  • Maximum flexibility for individual UI requirements by creating your own UI elements

  • Easy extensibility through any external Javascript libraries


Other providers

The reusability of modules is only possible to a limited extent. Especially with larger apps, it is difficult to outsource individual areas as a module.

The issues therein:

  • Higher maintenance effort due to lack of modularization

  • Low reusability

  • Inflexible for more complex use cases, no collaborative or parallel working possible

Complete applications or parts of them can be outsourced as modules and reused.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • High reusability

  • Complexity reduction through modularization

  • Create sophisticated apps by working collaboratively and in parallel on modules together


Other providers

Only prefabricated wizards, assistants or templates are offered, which are not extensible.

The issues therein:

  • Application creation not automatable or customizable

  • Individual adjustments must be made for each application

  • Increased susceptibility to errors and less standardization

Flexible creation of individual app wizards to standardize application creation.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Definition of your own standards by creating individual wizards

  • Automation and acceleration of the application creation
  • Increased accessibility and quality for inexperienced app builders

Our customers are convinced

“The modular structure of the Simplifier platform appealed to us very much. The possible reuse of individual modules for different applications and the associated simplified administration were important criteria in the choice of the low-code platform.”

Dr. Jens Falker, GMN

“The fast and uncomplicated implementation with Simplifier impressed us. In addition to the obvious increase in efficiency and optimization of the digital structures, the unlimited reusability of the created applications was particularly convincing..”

Jürgen Orf, Preh Group

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