Lowest operating cost

Thanks to Simplifier, app and user management becomes efficient and inexpensive: All apps on one server. Central control based on roles and rights. No additional runtime environment.

Only one server needed to use all available apps

User-based rollout via central rights/roles concept

Central logging and monitoring for compliance with IT security requirements


Efficient and affordable: central app and user management on a single sever

  • All created Simplifier apps can be operated on a single server.

  • Design and runtime are integrated into a single platform, so no additional runtime environment is required.

  • The deployment process and associated App Store costs are completely eliminated.

  • In ongoing operation, the costs are significantly lower, especially with high transaction numbers.

Efficient and affordable: central app and user management on a single server

With Simplifier, all available apps can be run on a single server. The platform enables centralized control of app usage based on roles and rights, as well as centralized logging and monitoring for IT security compliance. Design and runtime are integrated into a single platform in Simplifier, eliminating the need for an additional runtime environment. The deployment process and associated app store costs are completely eliminated. During ongoing operations, costs are significantly lower, especially for high transaction volumes.

Lowest operating costs:

Rollout costs

Other providers

Apps are created, compiled, and then published to the App Store (or distributed internally via Mobile Device Management).

The issues therein:

  • Costly and time-consuming deployment of individual apps in the respective app stores

  • Double development effort for iOS and Android

  • Often separate app version for browser necessary

With the Simplifier Universal Mobile Client, the end user gets access to all apps via the app-in-app concept; individual apps can be distributed and updated instantly over-the-air (OTA) to all users.

Your advantages thereby:

  • App-in-app concept: The deployment process is completely omitted, app store costs do not apply.
    (Stand-alone deployments in the app store are still possible)

Transaction costs

Other providers

Billing according to transactions, visits, logins, API calls and mixed forms.

The issues therein:

  • External integration layer often necessary

  • Transaction based billing

  • Lack of cost transparency and difficult TCO consideration

The Simplifier Integration Layer is available for unrestricted use at no additional cost.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Significantly lower costs of the application during operation, especially when using many transactions

  • Integration layer is part of the Simplifier platform

  • Full cost transparency and investment security

Hosting costs

Other providers

Cloud resources are needed for hosting individual apps.

The issues therein:

  • Shared Cloud Architektur verhindert effektive Absicherung von Datenverbindungen (z.B. VPN, On-Premise)

  • Fehlende Kostentransparenz und erschwerte TCO Betrachtung

Flexible in operation: Simplifier Cloud or any cloud provider and on-premise possible.

Your advantages thereby:

  • No transaction-based hosting prices

  • Dedicated technical instance, flexibly securable and connectable to critical infrastructure

  • Follow the User: Hybrid cloud / on-premise operating scenarios and easy migration possible

Our customers are convinced

“With Simplifier, simplified deployment and centralized user-based roll-out of apps significantly reduces roll-out costs, which has a positive impact on ROI.”

Birgit Wellenreuther, Südzucker

“Simplifier is a unique tool for creating customer apps. The operating concept allows us to centrally manage all apps and users, which significantly reduces operating costs.”

Benny Woletz, cloudwürdig

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