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“Time is money” – this saying, however old it is, has not lost its significance. On the contrary, today any time-gain in terms of your digitization strategy is a head start over the competition. It is particularly important to accelerate the creation of applications sustainably. Because a faster development means a higher efficiency.

Simplifier is a multi-functional platform that helps you build your applications faster and makes digitization more efficient.


Using state-of-the-art technologies, we accelerate your application creation. We have designed and built our platform in terms of logic and usability to accommodate the modern, agile development processes within companies. Due to the low-code approach, applications no longer need to be elaborately programmed, but can be easily configured and integrated into any system. Thus, applications can be mapped process-oriented.

Basically, creating an application with our Simplifier can be divided into the following 5 steps:

1. Connect systems

In the future, for each application, access the data that is needed contextually to make the process more efficient. Standardized connectors enable you to quickly connect to any back-end system and various data sources.

2. Create user interface

Easily, quickly and intuitively create the user-friendly interface for all your applications. Use the pre-designed elements designed for this purpose and create a uniform look and feel for an improved user experience.

3. Configure processes

Configure the process logic and processes of each application using the Process Designer. Based on individual user stories, reusable processes are defined within the Process Dashboard. Each user story can be stored individually, so that you can work with several people on different stories at the same time and thus be able to map a process logic quickly and collaboratively. When the application is deployed, all stories are merged into one.

4. Test application

Test your application at any time in the Simplifier Mobile client or in the browser. Intermediate testing allows for faster detection and elimination at any point in time. The Simplifier Mobile Client supports the testing process by ensuring that applications can be used across devices and that the correct display of the application on each end device can be ensured.

5. Publish application

The Simplifier transport system allows you to transfer the application to your productive system quickly and easily. And all without compilation or complex deployment processes. Quickly create a transport file of the finished application – all the components contained in it are fully integrated into the file – download them and import them directly into your production instance. Finished! The application is now available to any authorized user.


With the use of Simplifier, you bring a powerful tool into your company, which offers you the following advantages in your digitization:


The low-code approach of Simplifier makes it possible to create the high number of applications required for digitization up to ten times faster. The programming effort is thus reduced to a minimum.

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Using standardized connectors, internal and external IT landscapes are networked with each other. Existing systems and data sources can be connected in just a few clicks.

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Out-of-the-box and reusable templates, widgets, plug-ins, and many other components help keep your business productivity up and running in the long run.

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