Most flexible User Interface

Simplifier offers full flexibility for mobile business apps thanks to intelligent UI and extends interaction possibilities.

Easy deployment via mobile app-in-app client

Direct app availability without additional sharing & support of all native mobile features

Deployment without compilation enables direct app usage


Flexible UI customization and interactive control on any device

  • Maximize the potential of your business through the use of smart devices such as smartphones, wearables and XR headsets

  • Simplifier apps adapt themselves automatically so you can seamlessly switch between laptops, tablets, and other devices

  • Depending on your preference, operation is possible via touch, voice or gesture control

  • Sensors and AR/VR devices for virtual mixed reality scenarios open up new interaction possibilities

User Interface

User Interface

Other providers

Applications can only use the elements and functions made available by the provider, thus the user experience varies. End devices are handled separately, the user interface is not flexible and responsive.

The issues therein:

  • Often a separate version of the application has to be created for each end device

  • Use of proprietary user interface technology poses risk due to high dependency

  • No consistent UX design guideline

  • Insufficient support for accessibility and localization

Simplifier uses modern web technology and offers a consistent user experience for enterprise apps. With a responsive layout and accessibility, the user interface is based on proven design guidelines for enterprise apps.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Apps run on all devices. Simplifier apps are responsive and take advantage of the device’s capabilities

  • App UI based on OpenUI5 the enterprise-grade user interface framework

  • Apps follow FIORI design guidelines for a consistent user experience

  • Apps support modern accessibility standards (WCAG, ARIA)

Utilization of device functions

Other providers

Insufficient support for native device features, often requiring a separate app version for each device type (mobile, browser, etc.).

The issues therein:

  • Different versions of the app per device type necessary

  • Native mobile programming required

  • No over-the-air updates and complex app store rollout

Hybrid native apps with full access to native functions of smart devices (e.g. camera, sensors, NFC etc.).

Your advantages thereby:

  • Apps work across all devices

  • Easy use of native smart device functions

  • App-in-app concept, rapid deployment and over-the-air updates

Uniform design system

Other providers

No consistent design guidelines and limited theming.

The issues therein:

  • No uniform user experience

  • Further development of the design concept only by the provider

  • No consideration of different form factors and end devices

Simplifier apps follow consistent design guidelines and offer extensive theming.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Uniform user experience through comprehensive SAP FIORI design system

  • Faster development through reusable elements, layouts and templates

  • High acceptance due to user-friendly, intuitive user interfaces

  • Scalable and flexible – best practice design system for cross-device applications, which is continuously developed further


Other providers

Poor performance, higher server load, limited offline functionality, and inconsistent user experience.

The issues therein:

  • No modern single-page apps

  • Limited offline functionality

  • High maintenance requirements

  • Low user loyalty

Moderne Single-Page Progressive Web Apps, plattformübergreifend nutzbar, performant und kosteneffektiv.

Your advantages thereby:

  • Cross-platform compatibility

  • Offline functionality

  • High user engagement through better performance and a responsive user experience

  • Cost-effective creation, better maintainability through singular code base

Our customers are fully satisfied

“Using the Simplifier platform, we can easily build web apps that have a responsive and consistent user interface across all devices in use and enable versatile interactions for our app users.”

Stephan Rückert, Getriebebau Nord

“Simplifier enables us to design apps according to our requirements. The flexible and automatic customization of the user interface ensures a consistent working environment for all colleagues, without any additional effort on our side.”

Joachim Thiel, HSB Elektro

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