Project Description

Digital form

for data capturing

In times of digitalization, many companies no longer wish to rely on data capture via paper forms. Those are both time-consuming and cumbersome. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to digital forms. As each application has different requirements or needs to query different information, what is needed are individual forms that can be created easily.

The digital form app makes this possible: Data can be recorded and processed according to individual requirements. In the use case of a Simplifier customer, the necessary data was transferred directly into the connected (SAP) system. Data transfer via a digital form is possible with all systems, however. The system integration is realized via standardized interfaces (connectors). The data transfer can also be bi-directional.

Another advantage: Companies do not have to fear data loss because of offline-functionality. The data is stored temporarily in the application. As soon as the mobile device is back online, it is transferred directly and completely into the system. Using a camera, images or videos can be attached to the form or text and numbers can be captured using OCR.

With the digital form you will save both money and time, since collection and processing of data can be handled a lot faster than would be the case with paperbased forms. Moreover, the error rate during transmission is reduced significantly.

Highlights of this application

5x faster data collection

70 %

Reduced error rate through digital process

Special functions such as the digital signature

100 %

No media breaks


App features overview

Photos and videos

Collection and enrichment for documentation purposes

Export function

Sending the form view via e-mail


Converting the photographed text into digital form

Digital Signature

Legally binding signature of digital forms

Maximum compatibility

Smartphone, tablet and browser support

System security

Form data is stored directly in the desired system

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