The KHS Group based in Dortmund is one of the leading manufacturers of filling and packaging systems in the beverage and liquid food sectors. Digital helpers in form of applications are needed for the production, which will be created in the future with low-code technology from Würzburg.

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Nothing works without digitalisation anymore – this naturally also applies to KHS GmbH as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative filling and packaging systems in the beverage and liquid food sectors. The Dortmund-based plant manufacturer has already made a great impact in this sector.

At KHS, for example, virtual commissioning of production lines in the beverage industry has been practiced for years, further reducing throughput times and lowering error costs.

However, applications and mobile apps are important for the progress of any digitalisation efforts. In future, KHS will use low-code technology from Simplifier to create these apps – especially in regard to the frontend development

Torben Brill,
Project Manager, KHS

“The crucial factor here was above all Simplifier’s strong SAP know-how, as KHS works in a very SAP-centric way. We urgently needed a technology vendor who is familiar with the SAP world,” says Torben Brill.

Sustainable success

Sustainability is also of importance to KHS. This is because resources are also limited in software development and must be used efficiently. Grown, fragmented system landscapes, shadow IT and isolated solutions are things that KHS wants to avoid wherever possible.

This is successfully achieved by using Simplifier, because the software development process is made particularly sustainable thanks to the independence from devices and operating systems, the standardised code quality and the coverage of the complete application lifecycle management. “Simplifier offers us the possibility in addition to creating apps by ourselves, to always adapt them as needed”, explains Brill.

Here’s to good teamwork

Simplifier is delighted with KHS’ decision to use its low-code platform as the central development environment for its upcoming SAP and non-SAP-centric applications: “KHS has over 5,000 employees worldwide and reported revenues of over €1.2 billion in 2019. To be able to support a customer like this in implementing the digitalisation roadmap by using the low-code technology appropriate for it fills us with pleasure and proves that every company has a need regarding drivers for digitalisation,” says Simplifier CEO Reza Etemadian.

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