Efficient and flexible solutions have become the cornerstone of staying competitive. It is crucial that digitalization strategies are implemented efficiently, simply and in a resource-friendly manner. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are relying on low-code for application development, as this innovative technology not only accelerates time-to-market, but also improves collaboration and reduces the overall workload of the IT department. Among the companies already reaping these benefits is the Felix Schoeller Group. This family business has opted for the Simplifier low-code platform to handle SAP-centric applications. 

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Founded in 1895, the Felix Schoeller Group is a globally active family business. The traditional enterprise with its headquarter in Osnabrück, Germany, develops, produces and distributes specialty papers in a total of eleven countries. The products are used for photographic applications, digital printing systems, packaging, self-adhesive applications as well as for furniture, wood-based articles and wallpaper. In all of this, Felix Schoeller always acts in line with its brand promise: un-compromised quality, unique flexibility and genuine partnership. In order to live up to this motto, the company embraces modern technologies.

“As a family business, we place particular importance on making sure we have a secure future. That’s why we are consistently pushing ahead with our digitalization strategy. Low-code has been an important building block in this for quite some time, and we therefore additionally want to use the technology for the creation of SAP-centric applications.”

Dr. Philip Gerstner, Head of Digital Solutions, Felix Schoeller

Main Criteria: SAP Compatibility

Although the paper manufacturer already had low-code platforms in use, those could not meet the requirements for an optimal interface with SAP. Furthermore, the company wanted to create applications based on Fiori, which was not possible due to the high initial hurdles. Based on these challenges, the company decided on Simplifier for its SAP application development.  
The low-code platform offers out-of-the-box a range of connections and interfaces to the SAP system that can be used immediately. But Simplifier also scored points beyond the standardized connectors: The creation of Fiori apps is made significantly easier by the platform’s graphical user interface, and by using the UI5 framework, this ensures a uniform and appealing interface.

Connecting with Low-Code

Felix Schoeller was also impressed by the high-quality content that is available to the public in the Simplifier Community.

“The platform-specific content provided on the Simplifier Community gave us a very good impression of the platform in a short time, so that we quickly decided in favor of Simplifier,” explains Dr. Philip Gerstner. “In addition, we see the community as the central point of access to useful information on using the platform, where we can obtain further valuable tricks or even individual tips from other users. We use this specifically to exchange information and ideas with other members and experts if there are any showstoppers.”

Another feature appreciated by the paper manufacturer’s team is that of theming, which allows the company to create the applications in its own custom design.

“The applications have our look and feel. Our employees therefore perceive them as self-developed applications, to the effect that they give us direct feedback if they have any requests for adjustments. This is a great relief to our everyday work.”

Dr. Philip Gerstner, Head of Digital Solutions, Felix Schoeller

Successful partnership

At the beginning of the collaboration, the Simplifier team provided an enabling service. This equipped Felix Schoeller’s employees with the necessary knowledge for the successful use of the low-code platform, resulting in the joint implementation of two of the planned applications within a mere two months. The first application was deployed as a standalone with its own device management.

“We are highly satisfied with the collaboration and the results achieved. In addition to the fuss-free connection to SAP, we have also developed and implemented an interface to our own API and removed the hurdles for getting started with Fiori Apps. Working together is going perfectly. At all times, the Simplifier team provides us with professional support and is on hand to answer any questions we may have.”

Daniel Werries, SAP Inhouse Consultant PP/APO, Felix Schoeller

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