IT consulting company and cloud service provider Cloudwürdig becomes new partner of Simplifier and helps its customers to digitalise their business processes and develop new applications up to 10x faster. Special attention is paid to helping customers to reach a return on investment less than one year as well as time and cost savings of more than 50%. 

Simplifier welcomes Cloudwürdig as a new partner in its partnership programme. The two companies joined forces as a result of an existing customer of Cloudwürdig, which was looking for alternatives in the low-code area due to a solution discontinuation.

Cloudwürdig’s IT consultants, who, in their own words, have been operating in the cloud since 2008 and focus on process efficiency, have been supporting this company in app development and concept creation for quite a while. An important part of their work also includes workshops to empower employees in app development. During the joint market explorations, the Würzburg-based company’s platform has attracted attention.

“Simplifier’s technology complements our portfolio perfectly. They close the technological gap, we have the implementation power and on top we perfectly match in terms of thinking,” says Benny Woletz, Managing Director at Cloudwürdig.

Both partners appreciate honest feedback, realistic assessments of feasibility and in the end it is always the result that matters. Together, the two companies from southern Germany want to continue working in the low-code market. “Currently, the topic of low-code is accelerating rapidly, especially if we consider the situation half a year ago, explains Florian Rühl, member of the board at Simplifier.

“For many people, it becomes clear right now what enormous chances this method of software development offers. The ability of Citizen Developers is a very central, often neglected factor for success. With Cloudwürdig we have found a partner who offers a lot of experience in this segment. We are looking forward to many exciting projects together,” says Rühl.

More information about the new partnership with Cloudwürdig can be found on the website of our new partner in the section Tools&Partners.

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