Shared values and technological expertise for customised solutions

The co-operation between SHD System-Haus-Dresden GmbH and Simplifier AG is based on the increasing demand in the market for powerful process automation solutions. Given the increasing demand for efficient automation solutions, it was crucial for SHD to find a partner that not only offered innovative technology, but also embodied the same values of customer proximity and partnership. The customers played a decisive role in formulating the requirements for the software solution. The specific needs for customised, user-friendly software and a solution that appealed to SMEs were the basis for choosing Simplifier as a suitable partner.

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SHD sees Simplifier not only as a provider of solutions for process automation at the highest level, but also as a company that shares the importance of a customer-centred approach. The common focus on the needs of our customers lays the foundation for a promising partnership.

Innovative, user-friendly and flexible – benefits of Simplifier

SHD is particularly impressed by the technical product benefits of Simplifier. Simplifier offers an innovative low-code platform that enables customers to quickly develop and customise processes without the need for complex programming. This approach contributes to agile and flexible scalability, which is particularly important in order to react quickly to changing markets, customer requirements and legal regulations. Another advantage is the ability to operate the platform both in the cloud and on-premise. These are reasons to ensure the future viability of customers, who thereby gain a clear competitive advantage.

In addition, Simplifier offers a variety of expandable interfaces to important customer application areas, which enable seamless integration into existing systems. This enables customers to optimise their business processes and increase their efficiency without having to completely change their existing IT infrastructure.

Success factors: mutual values and a customer-centred approach

Both SHD and Simplifier share a customer-centric mentality and put the customer’s needs front and centre. These shared values are the foundation for this successful partnership, which is based on both companies truly understanding their customers and creating tailor-made solutions.

“Some of our customers have been relying on our advice for more than 20 years. In order to find the perfect solutions for our customers, we spend a very long time searching for technologies and partners in the individual specialist areas. With Simplifier, we have added another strong supplier to our list of partners in the field of process automation.”

Dr. Stephanie Keller, SHD

Partnership goals: Tapping into new markets and ensuring customer success

The partnership between SHD and Simplifier has ambitious goals, which include both opening up new market segments and ensuring customer success. Simplifier sees the cooperation as an opportunity to extend its reach into new business areas while benefiting from SHD’s in-depth expertise. Together, we aim to increase our customers’ efficiency, strengthen their competitiveness and build long-term, successful business relationships.

The partnership is based on the desire to jointly accompany customers on their path to success and support them in achieving their individual goals. By combining their skills and resources, both companies aim to develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing demands of the market and offer their customers real added value.

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