MEGGLE optimises business processes with Simplifier

The MEGGLE Group, a pioneer in the production of dairy products with over 135 years of tradition, consistently focusses on innovation and quality and is not only known around the world for its herb butter. In a pioneering move, the internationally active company has introduced the Simplifier platform to accelerate its business processes and successfully meet the challenges of digitalisation.

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MEGGLE is the brand with the clover leaf – since 1887. With a focus on butter, butter specialities and fresh dairy products, the company has developed into one of the most renowned manufacturers of dairy products in Europe. In addition to the traditional business area, the long-standing expertise of MEGGLE includes industrial milk and whey processing for major customers worldwide in the pharmaceutical, food and animal feed industries.

Challenges of digitalisation

In recent years, MEGGLE faced challenges posed by digitalisation, which were further intensified by technological transformation and the COVID-19 pandemic in particular. Some of the processes in the business departments were no longer up to date and it became clear that holistic process digitalisation was necessary. In close coordination with IT, the introduction of low-code was considered as a solution.

Path to optimisation: Focus on Simplifier

The identification of a suitable process for the evaluation of low-code led to the selection of the order confirmation workflow. With the help of the Simplifier platform, this process could be modernised and digitalised in a short space of time. Within a short development time, Simplifier was able to significantly speed up the process, save paper and printing costs and increase sustainability and transparency.

The positive results led to the introduction of Simplifier in four of MEGGLE’s business units.

“Simplifier has proven to be a reliable partner when it comes to analysing our business processes, thinking digitally and ultimately accelerating them.”

Christoph Adler, Head of Marketing & Digitalization Business Division Ingredients, MEGGLE GmbH & Co. KG

Benefits of the Simplifier platform

The decision in favour of Simplifier was based on a number of benefits, including the speed of development, the extensive SAP expertise within the Simplifier team, the deep SAP integration and the use of the BYOI approach, as the Simplifier application can be run on our MEGGLE Azure platform.

A user-friendly application with which data can be processed quickly and reliably was realised within a very short time and has paid for itself in just a few months.

“The Simplifier platform offers MEGGLE another technical opportunity to easily link the two strategic platforms Microsoft and SAP technologically.”

Michael Jassmann, Head of IT, MEGGLE GmbH & Co. KG

Next steps ahead

The workflow for order confirmations is currently being further improved and finalised. All users were able to contribute their wishes and requirements, which are now being implemented. The next steps include the collection of use cases from other areas, with the implemented application serving as an example. Concretisation and evaluation of the existing ideas are also on the agenda.

With the successful introduction of Simplifier, MEGGLE has not only optimised another business process, but also paved the way for further innovations within the company.

“The collaboration with MEGGLE emphasises the wide range of possibilities that our platform offers. We’re proud that Simplifier has been able to contribute not only to optimising processes, but also to introducing sustainable changes in a renowned company like MEGGLE. This partnership shows how low-code solutions can have a positive impact on efficiency and innovation in organisations.”

Florian Rühl, Member of the Board, Simplifier

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