The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 5

In our last article of the series "The 6 Stages of Software Development", we were talking about the testing phase after the app was developed. Now, after QA testing and the app is running, it is time for the 5th stage of software development in which the app is released and provided to the end users.

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The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 2

#2 App Design planning - Make it simple, but significant In our introduction to the blog series “The 6 Stages of Software Development”, we already took a closer look at the first step of the Software Development Life-Cycle, the requirements analysis. The second phase of software development is dedicated to design. First, mockups are created according to the predefined requirements and the app architecture is prepared. With the help of the Simplifier, it is also possible to build functional prototypes without great effort so the company can provide the stakeholders with a convincing first impression of the resulting app. They can build the prototype for different hardware such as smart glasses, tablets and smartphones, and create simple click test cases to demonstrate the interaction. By dividing the development process of an app into user stories, the Simplifier additionally supports the project. Therefore the app can be broken up into its individual components, making it easier to keep an overview at all times. Did you miss the first article of the blog series "The 6 Stages of Software Development"? #1 [...]

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The 6 Stages of Software Development – Part 1

Can you imagine a life without your smartphone? Most of us can not. We use it for communication, navigation or to simply find a good restaurant nearby. But our cell phones do not only support us in our personal lives, companies know the advantages of business apps as well. Do you use business apps in your company? According to a study conducted by Adobe, 67 percent of the respondents from the US, UK, Germany, India and China use mobile apps for the enterprise sector. But have you ever wondered about how those applications are created? In the following blog series you’ll get to know the 6 stages of software development and how the Simplifier supports you in the process. The Software Development Life-cycle You can describe the creation of an application as a “Software Development Life-cycle”. It contains 6 different stages:   Analysis Design Implementation Testing Release Maintenance Let’s use an example with a fictional logistics company named “S.I. Logistics”. They would like to utilize an app for quality management. As they don’t have much experience with software development, they decide to use the Simplifier during [...]

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