IFG Group increases efficiency with Simplifier: Broadband provider counts on digitalization for optimized processes

The importance of broadband expansion in the digital age is undisputed. It promotes digitization in private households, companies and public institutions, drives innovation and makes it possible to shape digital progress. To ensure that these projects run smoothly, the IFG Group (IFN, IFS, Leonet, BBV) has decided to introduce Simplifier in application development. This creates a solid foundation for interaction with stakeholders at different levels and in different departments.

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As one of the leading broadband providers in Bavaria, the IFG Group already supplies almost 25,000 customers with high-quality broadband connections. By using the latest fiber optic technology and fiber optic lines to the home, local authorities as well as business customers and private users can benefit from the IFG Group’s success. The IFG Group’s nationwide broadband technology brings the regions up to date with the latest network technology.

Start of the collaboration

The collaboration between IFG and Simplifier began with Leonet’s desire to automatically integrate data entry from construction and installation companies into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The Business Operations department contacted the low-code manufacturer to automate manual processes and free up capacity for additional value creation. The requirements were successfully implemented in a joint proof of concept and the intuitive application, which can be used on all end devices, replaced the previously used list management.

Expansion of the partnership

Following the successful completion of the first application, the partnership was extended as part of the “X-Drive” project. This project is aimed at digitalization within Leonet, including the restructuring of the CRM, the introduction of new data processing systems and the development of a new sales application for process optimization.

The first version of the sales application was classically programmed, but did not meet the desired expectations. This led to an examination of alternative methods, with Simplifier coming into focus. The low-code platform was already known within the company, had a positive reputation and already offered an interface to the CRM. With Simplifier, the application could be implemented quickly and efficiently and integrated into the CRM without any major adjustments.

“Simplifier’s low-code technology impresses with its versatility and customizability. It allows customized applications to be created efficiently and quickly. In combination with the flexibility and expertise of our team, this is an optimal mix.”

Frank von Allwörden external manager for digitalization on behalf of Heiko Franke IT Manager IFN

Outlook for a united future

Given the joint successes, there are plans to expand the partnership further.

The cooperation between IFG and Simplifier is a perfect example of how digital transformation and efficient processes can go hand in hand. This is a step towards a digitally networked future.

“Appetite comes with eating – the same goes for application development with Simplifier. We have a number of suitable fields of application in mind and are excited to see what we can achieve together in the future.”

Frank von Allwörden external manager for digitalization on behalf of Heiko Franke IT Manager IFN

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