SWO Netz GmbH has already done its homework in regard to the digital management of process data in advance: With its grid access portal, a utility solution that was implemented based on Simplifier technology, the utility company is well prepared for the digital management of access requests regardless of location, even in times of crisis.

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The case of SWO Netz GmbH shows what it can mean to be well prepared for remote work in difficult times, such as the current Corona crisis. With a digital 360-degree solution, it has managed to digitize all necessary grid access processes. In this way, all employees can do their job by 100 percent and continue to work without restrictions, even in times of crisis, regardless of their usual workplace.

All digital

Already in the run-up, the grid access process including the integration of all necessary backend systems (SAP, Lovion, D3 develop AG etc.) was completely digitally mapped at SWO Netz GmbH in an internal digitization project.

Crucial for the SWO employees using the digital solution: The customer application for a grid access can be handled end-to-end in paperless way within the grid (access) portal and related follow-up processes can be initiated at the “push of a button” thanks to complete system integration. All forms are available to the customer as digital forms on the website of SWO Netze and can – as is customary nowadays – be filled in completely digitally and uploaded together with the application on customer portal. The following planning of the requested connections can then be done by the SWO employee directly on his computer and the data can be sent to the necessary systems via the interfaces used, such as ERP CONNECT. This even includes the internal order for construction work, as well as the necessary coordination processes, which can be done completely digitally.

“The intention behind this was not necessarily to be prepared for times of crisis or remote work. From the very beginning, the focus was on creating a paperless office. Nevertheless, we have set the best basis for the work of the future, whether for home office or remote work arrangements. Equally, we are also prepared for exceptional situations that require us to continue doing our job without restrictions. This is exactly what we profit nowadays”, says Karl-Heinz Kasel, head of customer access services at SWO Netz GmbH.

A huge added value for all involved parties

The SWO refers to a digital 360-degree solution that offers added value for all parties involved. This means that everything from the application for a utility connection to implementation is mapped based on a standardized digital solution. Every authorized employee of SWO Netz GmbH is thus able to access every single application, get an overview, check the current status and initiate further steps. This ensures that all applications can be handled promptly and smoothly.


SWO Netz GmbH has succeeded, with excellent preparatory effort, to digitize a necessary process in a way that, from the moment the customer applies for a grid access, the relevant information is completely digitally captured and transferred to the right systems – thus providing SWO employees with the necessary transparency of customer data and process status in all following steps. Only this guarantees that it is possible to complete processes completely, smoothly and without media disruption at any time, to keep the process status up to date and to ensure that no data is lost. The low-code platform has significantly helped to reduce the complexity of the portal including all necessary system integrations within the creation process and at the same time it allows the portal solution to be adapted whenever the requirements change.

Karl-Heinz Kasel,
Head of customer access services at SWO Netz GmbH

“Thanks to the complete digitalization of our processes, which were previously largely analog, we are now well prepared. This means that we can continue to provide our contribution, especially in the current situation and the associated restrictions in the entire working environment. Thanks to the integrated grid portal solution, which was implemented based on the Simplifier low-code technology, we are able to manage the grid access process completely digitally in terms of planning and accounting,” explains Karl-Heinz Kasel.