Simplifier AG (Wuerzburg) to release new version/ App creation will become even easier by WYSIWYG, Live Preview and DB Designer 

“We simplify the creation and use of software so that our customers can focus on what really matters, their own business”. As is the case with every new release, the company mission above is the base for the consequent further development of the product Simplifier.

More and more enterprises are realizing, that low-code is very helpful for the implementation of their respective digital strategies. This compensates for the lack of ressources and leads to massive time and cost savings. Both ROI and Time-to-Value are being reached way faster.

With Release 5.0, Simplifier underlines exactly these advantages for enterprises – and extends them.

The goal: A low-code platform for all!

Release 5.0 provides new and revised features to make the creation of business applications even easier and more transparent in the future. “Our declared goal was to simplify the creation of applications even more. People who cannot program should also benefit from this,” explains Christian Kleinschroth (Chief Technology Officer). The aim is to reach both “no-coders” and those who have previously created applications for their departments using solutions such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus Notes. But even “pro-coders” have their responsibilities in the creation process and are not restricted by Simplifier.

Although Release 5.0 will not be released until the end of January 2020, some features are presented here at a glance:

WYSIWYG Editor and Live Preview 

Up until now, working with Simplifier had been easier for people with a certain degree of coding skills. This has changed. From now on the specialty departments´staff without coding skills will also benefit. For Release 5.0, the User Interface (UI) Designer was completely revised. The focus lay on the integration of the new WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Editor. It displays the changes being made in an application interface in real time. This comes in especially handy, when one is tasked with having to create an application for several devices. Here, the new Live Preview, with which you can view the Live View on every used device without publishing the app, lends a helping hand. Users without any special knowledge in this area benefit massively from both features.

DB Designer 

In addition, the new database (DB) designer will be made available with the upcoming release. It offers the possibility to create one´s own database directly in Simplifier via a graphical interface and to design it according to a certain scheme.

Even more advantages for enterprises

With the new release, technical complexity is being reduced drastically in many aspects, app creation becomes a lot easier mainly by means of the WYSIWYG editor.

Staff members without coding skills are now able to independently create parts of needed applications and adjust already existing ones. Thus, enterprise specialty departments and the IT can close the ranks even more and implement applications faster together.

This encourages faster time-to-value and ROI.



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