Sales order or travel expenses: every day, numerous requests are being submitted – and need to be approved as soon as possible. Oftentimes, this is very time-consuming. With an app for approval processes, you can solve this problem. Create custom-made solutions for your company´s needs

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Does that sound familiar? Once more, your company sends you to an important convention. Usually, this entails a fair amount of travel. So, you book a ticket (train or plane) and a hotel room – and you pay the bill.

Not a big deal, right? After all, your company will eventually pick up the tab. All you need to do now is fill out the forms for travel expenses reimbursement and wait for approval.

Starting the process

Unfortunately, this is a rather complicated process in many cases as it generally involves a lot of red-tape and a group of people.

Wouldn’t it be great if these processes could be simplified? Maybe if it were something like this:

  • Person A files the request
  • Person B approves it
  • Person C archives it for administrative or accounting purposes?

…and all of that in just one app?

Your request is on the waiting list

The list of available requests is quite long. This also applies to the time it takes for an application to be approved – or rejected.

To make matters even more difficult: Many companies still work with paper-based forms or complicated Excel tables and Word documents. This means that the accounting department is very busy with literally going through the paperwork. (And if you are working for a large enterprise? Good luck! They are dealing with a lot of applications from all different kinds of departments.)

Status? Still unclear!

While you are waiting for the approval, so does your bank account because you have not been reimbursed for your travel expenses.

If you only had an idea about the status of your request…But there is no way of checking (Remember: paper forms!). Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait some more.

While we are on the subject: When people are forced to work remotely – as may occur in times of crisis – these approvals are even more difficult to obtain: The person-in-charge might be located in another city or even country. Or maybe a group of people has to sign off on the request.

To sum it up: The approval process for requests – or materials for that matter – is both time-consuming and resource-binding.

Presenting: Your application for approval requests

Clearly, this process is in need of simplification. But how?  By digitalizing the entire approval process! In doing so, requests can be approved or declined regardless of where the person-in-charge happens to be.

With Simplifier you can build an app for dealing with such approval requests – custom-tailored to your company´s individual needs and regulations. Benefit from features like photo or video documentation, GPS tracking or scanning.

Now, you can configure an app that solves your request process problems!

The app can easily be integrated into your SAP or any other ERP system.

In addition to that, the app entails another benefit for all the parties involved: You get to check the status of your request!

Standard Content

Of course, approval processes are not merely restricted to travel expenses. They also apply to a lot of other areas. And: They are an issue in enterprises of all branches and sizes.

For that reason, we have decided to create a template which allows enterprises to set up the process a lot faster than usual with a custom-made app.

The app can be used instantly to design all different kinds of approval requests – be it for general planning purposes or more specific issues like IT cost planning.

Simplify your daily business

Whether for sales orders, budget planning or vacation requests – an app for approval processes covers your company´s specific needs.

No more single-point solutions for each different kind of request form. Just build your own application to help your enterprise simplify the daily business!

Would you like to simplify and speed up your approval processes? Then build your own app for approval processes!

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