How to get into the IoT game

The internet of things and it’s subcategory, the industrial internet of things is gaining traction around the world. Many businesses want to take part in the ride, but most are not aware of the huge challenges that need to be overcome. As a decision maker, you might find yourself puzzled. In this webinar, we will cover the following topics: How to get into the IoT game How to set up an effective plan for your IoT strategy Basic components you will need for your first successful project Questions you need to ask yourself when creating a business case Examples of successful projects and takeaway This Webinar ist available on GoToWebinar. Watch the webinar MAURICIO GROSSI Director of Sales at Mygo Consulting THE REFEREE Mauricio Grossi is the Director of Sales at Mygo Consulting, an end-to-end SAP shop. Mauricio excels at helping clients uncover their pain points, while navigating through the deep seas within SAP, to find the right solution that fits their needs.

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SWS Brainshare 2017

Use Case of Smart Remote Service One highlight of the event was the keynote about remote service by Roland Lunck, Head of Channel at iTiZZiMO and Christian Schreiner, Managing Director of SWS Computersysteme AG. On the lawn of the stadium, they presented a concrete use case for remote maintenance. With the Moverio BT-300 from Epson, Christian Schreiner made a remote service call in front of the audience. Live on screen, the participants were able to watch the connection to a technician, in this example Roland Lunck, via the smartglass. Christian Schreiner told the technician that he has a problem on his switch and did not know, which cable he has to pull out and which not. During the use case, Roland Lunck was able to see everything that Christian Schreiner saw through the smartglass. This functionality allowed the technician to analyze the situation and guides through the maintenance or repair process. However the example was just one way of using the Simplifier in the area of smart remote service. iTiZZiMO makes maintenance easier from first to last. Other examples are predictive maintenance to avoid machine [...]

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A Startup's Journey by Christopher Bouveret, CIO iTiZZiMO AG A startup's journey - starting with augmented reality and smartglass apps to finally having a low-code platform for integrated business & IOT apps. About learnings, findings and outlook. Chris Bouveret will tell the story of 5 years evolution at iTiZZiMO and give insights about common mistakes that were done and learnings that helped becoming better, about agile business development and the way to a market proven product by changing direction based on customer and market insights.

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UI5Con 2017

With the Simplifier at the UI5Con in St. Leon-Rot In order to be always up-to-date and close to the community, we took part in the UI5Con in St.Leon-Rot on June 30, 2017. Together with approximately 400 UI5 enthusiastic participants, we listened to exciting lectures and gained interesting input for our platform. In addition to the numerous developers who presented their individual features and solutions, our CIO Christopher Bouveret also attended the event as an expert on the topic "The UI5 ​​App for UI5 Apps". In his 20 minute lecture, he talked about the creation of UI5 ​​applications with the Simplifier, our low code platform based on UI5 technology.

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Siemens Supplier Innovation Day 2017

OPC UA Real-time Data and HoloLens Augmented Reality A case that was built during the research project "Road to Digital Production (R2D)" together with Siemens, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS and the Fraunhofer team Supply Chain Services SCS and the Munich company Kinexon GmbH in the basic research on cyber-physical production systems. More information about the research project R2D can be found here: CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS FOR EVERYONE – BASIC RESEARCH WITH ITIZZIMO AND PARTNERS On July 4, 2017, the Siemens Supplier Innovation Day took place at the Fraunhofer IIS new Test and Application Center L.I.N.K. in Nuremberg. The reason for the event was that Siemens employees had the opportunity to get in touch with innovative companies to discuss concrete use cases. We were also part of the exhibition and presented our low-code platform Simplifier as well as the corresponding applications from the area of Augmented Reality and OPC Unified Architecture. One of the applications is presented in the video below, which shows the possibilities of Smart Factoring.

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