The time will soon come – Release 6.0 is waiting in the wings. The crucial question is, what has changed and what new power features will be available.

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A Forrester analyst recently said that digitization will only succeed if every employee is able to create software. The prerequisite for this is that employees from the specialist departments are also empowered accordingly by a low-code platform. These so-called Citizen Developers, as end users and experts in their department, are predestined for the development of relevant software solutions.

In the last release (5.5) in particular, we accommodated the No-Coder user group with the new Widget Groups and Live View features for UI creation. This meant that user interfaces (app designs) could already be created without much effort and without writing code. With Simplifier 6.0, we now offer even more no-code features to help users without coding skills to build apps successfully.

“Our new release has a lot on its plate. Simplifier isn’t a no-code platform, for sure, but the features will again emphasize the no-code concept.”

Christian Kleinschroth

The new version now has several helpful wizards that guide you step by step through the application building process. This means that the name of our platform can now be taken even more literally. And we are expanding the range of users in Citizen Development: No-coders can now also integrate a connector, a table or a database using ready-made components.

Another highlight is the new look and feel of the platform. The dashboard now looks significantly reduced and tidy. The classification of applications in “projects”, to which specific content can be assigned and filtered, also provides more clarity.

The new widget groups view also shows that the focus of Release 6.0 is on usability. Similar to PowerPoint, there are around 40 ready-made design elements in the form of icons as well as a number of layouts for implementing ideas directly via drag & drop. This means that users do not need separate mockup tools to present their ideas in a scribble, instead they can implement them directly in Simplifier.

Market researchers from the analyst firm Gartner predict that the number of citizen developers in companies will be at least four times as large as the number of professional developers by 2023. This is precisely where our new Release 6.0 kicks in. Because now even more potential Citizen Developers can work independently of the capacities of the IT department and thus accelerate the digital transformation in enterprises. Simplifier 6.0 is therefore perfect for the successful implementation of software projects through Citizen Development. This can only work if users have the appropriate methods and tools at their disposal.

This much is said, it remains to be expected with excitement, which further innovations the new Simplifier update on January 31, 2021 includes! We will reveal more about this in our next blog post in the following week. Therefore keep up to date!

The Simplifier Team

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