Digitalization is a very important topic for the german climate solution expert Viessmann. This includes the creation of enterprise-internal applications. From now on, Viessmann will use technology by Simplifier to build those

When it comes to the issue of digital transformation, Viessmann is definitely a pioneer. The climate solution experts from Allensdorf (Germany) has been digitalizing its processes for quite some time now. Center of these efforts is the “future platform 2025”. In connection with that Viessmann has implemented its S/4HANA migration –  the largest worldwide in the field of manufacturing industries.

Thus, Viessmann is on track with the implementation of its digitalization strategy.

An important aspect here is application creation. In order to be able to act both flexibly and sustainably, Viessmann has decided to use low-code technology by Simplifier

Viessmann has the need to replace already existing applications and to implement new applications as quickly as possible with new technologies. This is especially true for top floor apps. What´s more, Viessmann intends to discontinue legacy systems – or reduce their respective maintenance costs.


The following aspects turned out to be decisive for Viessmann, as sustainability and future-proofing are integral parts of their digitalization strategy.

  • Simplifier is based on web technologies and leverages open web standards. Moreover, a standardized integration concept is being used.  With Simplifier, third-party systems can be connected very easily
  • Ease of use is another advantage: „Simple applications can be built without any problems due to its intuitive UI. More complex applications, on the other hand, can be extended individually”, says Andreas Schreiber  (Head of Google Cloud Platform and Development at Viessmann)
  • With Simplifier, customers retain ownership of the source code. In other words: the source code may be migrated to another developmental environment if necessary

Thus, with Simplifier, Viessmann will remain independent, transparent as well as flexible in the long run.


Not to forget the issue of S/4HANA migration – a high priority for Viessmann. Already in 2019, Viessmann switched from SAP R3 to S/4HANA. Simplifier´s SAP-centric approach makes the complete integration of existing SAP systems a lot easier. Moreover, Simplifier helps with the portation of existing applications in the form of Fiori apps.

Many enterprises will have to perform this portation in light of their S/4HANA migration in many cases hundreds or thousands of times. This leads to a considerable amount of extra efforts. Especially, when everything has to be coded manually. This is the case with Fiori. To make matters even more complicated, many companies working with SAP systems suffer from a drastic lack of skilled IT experts.

So, if the goal is to save time and to include all the other departments into the implementation, Simplifier is the best solution, as the SAP UI5 framework is used for the development of Fiori user interfaces. Simplifier is the only low-code platform working with the OpenUI framework and generates HTML5 applications based on UI5. Schreiber: “Thus, Simplifier fits very well into the Viessmann IT strategy, since we plan on implementing many internal applications with the UI5 framework”.

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