Simplifier provides Microsoft Azure Marketplace users with its low-code platform for easier and faster creation of enterprise applications within the Azure Cloud

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Azure is the second largest cloud computing solution worldwide. Its offerings address primarily companies and developers. Microsofts cloud platform offers the possibility to create, test, publish and administrate applications within the same environment. Simplifier pursues a very similar approach with regard to Application Lifecycle Managment. Therefore, it is positioned perfectly in the Azure Marketplace.

Azure Marketplace

Similar to other large cloud-based marketplaces (AWS, GCP, SCP), several vendors use the Azure Marketplace to offer a wide range of their tools and services to a broad target group. Even if these are mostly the developers within larger companies who use exactly these offerings. This is because marketplaces like Azure get involved as soon as internal IT specifies that everything should run on one platform.

Exactly this digital marketplace, especially created for IT professionals and cloud developers, enables a customer to search for and evaluate technical applications that have been created specifically for as well as in Azure, and finally to use them in combination with other services and tools. Simplifier customers also have the same ambition and the obligation to use applications only within the Azure Cloud platform. As Simplifier was requested by many of these customers to offer both standardised interfaces to Microsoft products and the ability to integrate the low-code platform into the Azure Cloud platform, Simplifier has met this requirement and is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

For these reasons, it is more than appropriate for Simplifier to be represented there as well and to offer developers the opportunity to benefit from the low-code technology and at the same time to integrate services from the Azure environment to create a corresponding added value.

We are therefore proud to announce that Simplifier, which is already available at the SAP App Center and the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace, is now also available at the Azure Marketplace in a “Bring your own license” (BYOL) edition. For Azure users, this means that with the wide range of Azure products they can use low code to create their own enterprise application and integrate additional services. Further information on the Simplifier product and pricing models can also be found there.


With the integration on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Simplifier is now available on another important cloud service platform. So, if you are an active Azure user looking for ways to create enterprise applications even more easily, using standardized interfaces to connect with the Microsoft world and benefit from the integration of additional cloud-based 3rd party services, you can go right ahead!

Start today – and benefit from Simplifier Low-Code technology within your existing Azure Cloud environment.

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